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Dr. Thomas Pekar, Bsc, DDS, FIACA

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Implant Solutions


  • With the new system of Mini-Implants, denture patients can now easily afford complete denture stability and the ability to enjoy food and life without annoying slipping dentures. Now, in as little as an hour, 4 dental implants can be placed and your transitional denture can be easily fitted over the implants. They can be used immediately and result in little or know post operative discomfort. Many patients who are not candidates for conventional implants are candidates for the less expensive mini implants.
  • Our implant solutions come in a variety that includes:
    • Removable Acrylic Overdenture
    • Non-Removable Acrylic Bridge and
    • Non-Removable Porcelain Bridge
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  • Everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

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